5 Foods to Help You Sleep Like a Baby


If you’re unable to sleep at night or suffering from some type of sleeping disorder then try one of these foods that help you sleep approximately one hour before bedtime.

Almonds. Almonds have within two things that will help calm and relax your body: Magnesium, which acts as a muscle tranquilizer and tryptophan an amino acid that helps induce sleep. Grab a handful of these nutritious nuts right before bedtime and you be sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Turkey. Have you noticed that you tend to fall asleep right after one of those big turkey dinners at Thanksgiving? That’s because turkey is highest in does of Tryptophan. When this natural sleep inducing amino acid makes it way to the brain it is converted to serotonin a hormone that gives you body the sleepy feeling.

Bananas. A banana a day will help run insomnia away. Bananas also contain large does of tryptophan, which help to stimulate the release of hormones that are a natural sleep agent.

Warm milk. No matter what age you are you’re not too old to drink a warm glass of milk, especially if it helps you to fall asleep faster. A warm glass of milk with natural honey right before bedtime will have you asleep as fast as you turn the lights out.

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is rich in carbs and tryptophan and when you mix it with a little milk you’ll double your chances of becoming sleepy. Oats help the tryptophan to enter the brain more rapidly, which makes your feel sleepy quicker.

You no longer have to leave your sleep to chance, you can fight your insomnia with the 5 foods mentioned above that will help you sleep. Getting a good nights sleep in crucial to your body and mind if you intend to operate at optimal health.