Celery: An Overlooked Nutritional Food


Society is becoming more aware of the importance of health food, and looking for new and fun ways on how to get healthy, and how to get in shape. Foods rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and beneficial proteins are becoming diet-musts for combating the many health issues today. One important and commonly overlooked food is celery.

A diet largely consisting of a balanced array of vegetables and fruits is no doubt destined to be a health one, rich in vitamins. What many people don’t know is that celery is much more of a super-food than ever anticipated.

The many benefits of celery are vast, and are often used in alternative medicine. The stems, roots, leaves, and seeds are a proven cure for urinal retention, hypertension, kidney disease, and even a number of sexual disorders. Because celery is high in Vitamin C, it also is used to alleviate and help cure colds, and promote a health immune system, cardiovascular system, and guard against inflammatory conditions such as asthma and arthritis.
Other amazing benefits of celery are: Preventing stroke and reducing blood pressure, helping to prevent and illuminate cancerous cells and tumour cells, preventing diabetes, regulating the nervous system, as well as fighting diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder.

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Who knew?

Add celery to your diet to take advantage of these health benefits by eating it as a healthy snack, adding the celery stalk or leaves to salads, using supplements, or more. Celery should be organic and grown without harsh fertilizers and pesticides. Because celery is high in water content, it absorbs and holds toxins that may be detrimental to your health, and the nutrients of the vegetable.