Ditch the Diets, Don’t Waste Time Exercising, Get Dancing


If you are anything like me you will have tried numerous diets and fitness regimes in order to lose weight and obtain that perfect physique? Maybe you have brought the latest exercise DVD by this or that well known sportsman / entertainer or spent time working out at the local gym. Now don’t get me wrong, they can be very good and some people have had some success in removing those unwanted love handles, of eliminating those unwanted pounds.

However, the main problems experienced with any of these approaches is that: –

* over time, exercising or dieting becomes more and more monotonous until you get fed up and stop trying * you achieve you ideal weight, figure, etc and use that as an excuse to stop

Then, without realizing it all those unwanted pounds have piled back on, plus some. All that time, effort and possibly money has been in vain.

The Reason Most Diets / Exercise Regimes Are Doomed to Failure

When someone smokes or drinks to the extent that it has a detrimental affects on their health, the simple answer is to just stop. Initially it may well prove difficult and you could require the services of a medical expert to help you to stop, but once you have got over the initial cravings it will get steadily easier and easier with time, providing you don’t slip back into your old habits.

When it comes to dieting, obviously you cannot stop eating as you would eventually die. Likewise, the body requires a certain amount of daily exercise to burn off those calories and exercise the muscles. The problem is less about finding the right balance, but more about maintaining it over the long term.

Dance Providing an Ideal Solution

Socializing on the dance floor with any number of different partners for numerous different dances, means you will quickly get to know a lot of people and make a load of new friends. It is this ability to interact with other people in an informal setting twirling around the dance floor to what may might be a very energetic dance routine that makes it such an enjoyable pastime for anyone irrespective of age.

Even those who get into dancing on a more professional level with a regular partner, as they get more involved and master some of those more complex dance moves can find themselves exercising muscles they hitherto never knew existed, resulting in a firmer more streamlined body in its proper proportions.

However the best thing about it, is that because dancing becomes so enjoyable you don’t even realize you are exercising; unlike other types of fitness regimes or methods in pursuit of mastering and retaining that perfect physique. Dancing can become a hobby, a way of life rather than a chore which you have to force yourself to commit to. It is this that makes all the difference.

Health Benefits of Dancing

Regular dancing been proven to be good for the heart (providing you don’t over exert yourself) as well as helping to keep your figure, in trim. It also helps keep at bay a host of other ailments associated with poor health such as heart disease, depression and high blood pressure by increasing your stamina and improving your posture and balance.

How much exercise you get will be dependent on how much time and commitment you give to dancing as well as the style of dancing you feel comfortable with. For example, one person may prefer an energetic, lively Jive or a quickstep, whereas another person may feel happier with a slower Waltz or maybe a sexy Rumba.

There is another type of dance, which has proven to be very effective in acquiring that ideal physique which may also be appealing to your partner, if you have one and to add a little spice to your life called pole dancing. Research has shown that a person pole dancing over a set period of time will actually burn up more calories than a standard workout in a gym.