FitDesk X 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar, White


itDesk arrived on the scene using the FitDesk X 2., and all sorts of small things I wanted were enhanced concerning the original Xbike came true! The brand new desk is a huge upgrade within the fabric-covered foam original (although I figured which was pretty clever!) There is a real nylon material-web d-ring strap to carry on the laptop. On my small original FitDesk, I “lost” the large rubber-band intended for waiting on hold my laptop and raided certainly one of my elastic devices. The brand new strap is preferable to that! The brand new desk is difficult plastic having a type of grippy surface, along with a little stop around the edge nearest towards the driver. My laptop appears much more secure about this setup. Also, I do not need to bother about accidentally knocking this desk from the handle bars like would sometimes happen with my FitDesk original. The moving-rubbing forearm relaxation really helps, too. I do not seem like I must sit so strange as i utilize it.


– Great Customer Support.

– Throughout good bike

– The desk surface is comparatively ‘grippy,’ assisting to keep whatever is onto it in position fairly well.


– Display is situated behind where most customers may have their own laptop, thus needing the consumer to shut laptops to be able to begin to see the display.

– The holes lining the perimeter from the display look as if they’d be well suited for placing a energy cord through, but they are too small for a sleek Mac laptop charger.

– The lip stopping a laptop from sliding from the desk is a touch lacking.

The a single factor which has actually provided me on all the things FitDesk could possibly be the company’s client assistance. They exceed to create particular their customers are pleased which they may be though utilizing proper FitDesk item. When I’ve required option ft for the foot of my FitDesk, as a result of my toddler daughter who loves to begin out that are crucial which you me and conceal them/discard them, they’d a superb spontaneity regarding the entire issue and sent me my option FitDesk ft rapidly. They’re actually friendly and responsive. FitDesk’s Consumer Help will be the purpose why I am going to become a FitDesk client for existence. I can not wait to figure out what is subsequent out of this enterprise!