Fitness and Weight Loss Tips


If you are overweight, what do fitness and weight loss have in common? They both will result in a healthier you and a more confident you. Healthy eating combined with exercise are key components in weight loss.

In years gone by, fitness was defined as having the ability to complete the day’s activities without getting overly fatigued. However, the definition today has changed. Fitness is now defined as the condition of being in good physical condition and being healthy as a result of having proper eating habits and exercising.

It is advisable that you be sure to check with your personal physician before beginning any fitness and weight loss program.

We’ve all heard of fitness and weight loss boot camps. These are fine for some but are not for everyone, particularly very unfit beginners. It is important that you set realistic weight loss goals. You can adjust these goals as time goes by. Always chose achievable goals, but ones that push you a little as well.
Fitness and weight loss will not only improve your health, it will add years to your life. Your risk of developing heart disease will be lowered as well. Here are several tips to aid in your fitness and weight loss plan.
– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
– Drink plenty of water.
– Purchase a gym membership and use it.
– Participate in team sports.
– Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
– Don’t drink alcohol.
– Every day eat six small meals spread throughout the day.
– Walk, walk and walk some more.
– Avoid eating fatty, fried foods.
– Avoid sugary snacks.
– Be consistent with your exercise workouts, as well as following a healthy food plan.
– Find an exercise routine that you enjoy.
– Practice positive thinking.
– Visualize a thinner, healthier you.
– Eat smaller portions.
– When you feel full, stop eating.
– Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry. When you are hungry, you are more likely to make unhealthy food choices.
– Chew your food slowly.
– Drink ice water before meals.
– Add herbs and spices to your food.
– Reduce your caffeine intake.
– Eat more foods that are rich in fibre.
– Exercise to burn off excess fat.
– Don’t skip meals.

Many of our health problems are due to sedentary lifestyles. If you are just beginning an exercise program, start with a low intensity workout and gradually work up to higher intensity sessions.
The ideal physical fitness program should include endurance training, strength training and skills training together with flexibility training and cardiovascular exercise.