Fitness Equipment Summary: The Johnson W8000 Air Rower


The fitness equipment a person opts for could have a deep influence on the efficiency of his/her conditioning programme. When you make an impulsive decision, there is a possibility that you wont be using this exercise machine as much as you should—you may not use it at all. Exercise machines oftentimes, aren’t very budget-friendly; for this reason, it is good to look at many different machines with your mind open. Often, people who think that they’ve decided on an elliptical or treadmill change their minds when they look at other types of machines, specifically rowers. In that spirit, we’d like to offer a brief review of the Johnson W8000 air rowing machine.

Fitness Equipment: Major Facets of the Johnson W8000 Air Rower

This one is a top-notch rower that provides an outstanding imitation of an actual rowing motion. One of the key factors in this fidelity of movement is the slide distance of the seat, which has been carefully designed to reciprocate actual rowing motions. The seat slides on a light and durable aluminium rail, giving a true “on the water” feel. Still another pertinent characteristic is that the rower’s seat was manufactured to suit any user’s body size and age. For just around £900 you can purchase a trendy and trustworthy rower which has modernised features and performing capabilities. This W8000 rowing machine is very low-maintenance and does not run on mains power.

Fitness Equipment: Additional Information on the W8000 Rower

The console display on the W8000 is extra large for great visibility of the quality LCD screen. The readouts offer essential data and also inspires the user with feedback about the workout. This console displays heart rate, watts, calories, strokes, strokes per minute, distance, and also time. It is equipped with three separate programme styles: race, manual, as well as training. Its resistance is produced by the fan blade system and there are twelve levels to provide added diversity and adjustability. In addition, the fan gives out a cool breeze. The user can expect numerous years of flawless operation as this machine is industrial strength. Mains power is not necessary, but you have to have batteries to operate the machine’s console display. Something you need to know is that this W8000 doesn’t fold for easy storing. In the open position, it measures 269 x 51 x 102cm (L x W x H). This rowing machine’s weight is 42kg; it can endure a 160kg maximum user weight. {For a mid-priced piece of|For a middle range item of|For a medium priced piece of|To be a middle-priced item of] fitness equipment, the W8000 provides the user with a lot of beneficial facets.

Fitness Equipment: Pluses of Working Out on the Johnson W8000 Air Rower

The air rowing machine gives you the closest feeling to engaging in an actual rowing experience. The many changeable levels of resistance renders this W8000 a proper rower for people at all different fitness levels. Air rowers are more advanced than the hydraulic (fluid-filled) rowing machines for the reason that hydraulic type rowers sometimes don’t have that flowing range of motion. Hydraulic rowers also tend to be heavy, and their resistance sometimes is not consistent from stroke to stroke like the W8000′s is.