Get Your Health Records Organized


Have you ever wondered how well are your medical records are being kept by your doctor’s office? I have. Sometimes with everything written down on paper I wonder if things get lost or missed filled by the doctor’s office. The reason I wonder is because of the many cases I has read on line about patients being prescribed the wrong prescription or type of medical treatment due to these errors. Well, while browsing on this subject I can across a company name VirMedice which is a leading EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software consultant that help many physicans convert from a paper record management system to the latest EMR electronic health record keeping. VirMedice also listed many advantages their system would offer such as:

Increases revenue

Allows you to see more patients without decreasing face-to-face encounter time

Increases collections through improved management of referral and eligibility data

Optimizes coding and improves managed care payments

Promotes practice growth via re-dedication of office space previously devoted to paper records that can now be utilized for patient care activities

Enhances revenue through disease management functionality EMR reporting functions track patient follow-up and compliance with health maintenance protocols

Reduces expenses

Minimizes transcription costs Reduces supply, storage and chart access costs related to the maintenance of paper records
Increases employee productivity with tools such as ePrescribing

Reduces risk

Improves quality of documentation
Increases accuracy of shared information
Maintains security and integrity of data Improves patient safety by checking for possible drug interactions

Improves quality

Increases access to patient information at the point of care, including administrative data within EPM
Improves outcomes through patient health tracking and clinical alerts Speeds responses to patients and increases patient satisfaction
Provides diagnosis support, clinical reference information, and patient education

If you are a medical provider or you are a patient of a medical provider that could benefit from these services I would check out this site or refer your provider to this firm.