Here Is How Cheat Weight Loss Works


Every day you can to have 1 cheat meal – whatever you feel most like eating at the time. Myself, I’d choose ice cream – hands down – every time! That’s because I love it (an understatement).

The only guideline is that it must follow this simple equation: 2 ×bodyweight in calories. So if you weight 175bs, you can eat a meal with 350 calories.

For example, here is what someone who weighs 175lb could enjoy EVERY day:
Unfortunately I have to warn you, there is a small catch.

While you can eat a cheat meal every day… this only works if you follow the exact procedures in my plan.
See…your metabolism is currently slow. That’s what is making losing fat so damn hard right now. This also means that if you were to start cheating right away, there would be a very good chance the meal would be turned straight into body fat.

But don’t worry. What my cheat system is going to do is prime your body for the cheat meal.

Essentially what we are doing is getting your diet set-up so that the body knows it’s going to be having those cheats and instead of converting the food directly to fat, it’s going to use the food to boost your metabolism and burn off all the calories you eat.

By creating a very small calorie deficient we can consistently burn fat day after day, week after week, without you feeling like you’re on a diet.

To give you an idea of what results you can expect, simply insert your current weight into the below input box and then click the button.

Of course that’s just an estimation. There’s no reason why you can’t lose more fat after 60 days, it just depends if you have any left to lose.

I’ve tested my Cheat Weight Loss method on my clients, people just like you, and the results were truly amazing. They found that not only did they achieve faster weight loss than when they were on past mainstream diets, but because they we cheating daily the never got hungry or bored and it was easy to stick to.