Indoor Tanning Accelerator


Ever heard of the saying “Work smarter, not harder?” This is what you will be doing with indoor tanning accelerator. As you have multiple tasks to accomplish, you just can’t afford to spend longer hours burning and damaging your skin just to get that sun kissed glow. It is true that tanning is one way to make skin appear healthy and refreshed especially during winter. So if there is a quick and safe way available, you are sure to grab it.

Indoor tan accelerator can be in the form of a topical lotion or pill that is used in combination with indoor tanning machines to quickly achieve a beautiful and natural-looking tan while keeping the skin healthy. They commonly contain either one or both of these active ingredients: tyrosine and psoralen. These are amino acids which are said to stimulate and amplify the human body’s production of melanin—skin’s pigment protein used as its protective measure against sun’s UV rays—thereby speeding up the tanning process (this is the reason why they are also widely known as tan promoters).

However, such a claim about the effect of tyrosine is not well researched or supported by a scientific data.

Most tanning accelerator lotions are specially formulated with moisturizers and DNA enzymes to protect the structure of the skin cells and keep the skin’s moisture balanced. Plus, they provide extra hydration for the skin. As soon as your healthy skin achieves optimal hydration, it takes in over 40% more of UV light. Moreover, as the melanin production is increased, sun burns are most likely evaded (sun burns develop only when exposure to UV light is greater than what the melanin can handle). On the other hand, tanning without lotion results in dry, peeling skin. Since dry skin reflects UV light, 50% of the tanning session is wasted up.

Therefore, tanning without lotions or some moisturizer can prematurely age your skin.
Choosing the best tanning accelerator is crucial. Since there are different levels of accelerators available, determining your skin type beforehand can help you in choosing which is best for you. Also choose a reliable brand and an affordable (not necessarily cheap) price to settle issues on quality.

If you are yet unsure of your selection, better consult an expert.

You might also want to know whether using accelerators is safe. Well actually, neither psoralen nor tyrosine are Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved when used in this capacity.

Additionally, psoralen may increase the skin’s sensitivity to light. These are basically the reasons why you have to be very careful in choosing to use a tan accelerator and seek the help of an expert if deemed necessary.

Just keep in mind that the whole concept of tanning accelerators is to maximize tanning results while minimizing the time spent for it. However if this method scares you then I highly recommend sunless spray tanning which is equally effective yet harmless to your skin.