Inner Thigh Exercises You Should Include


Your inner thigh movements should include squats which are perfect for toning, increasing muscle, and shaping. These inner thigh exercises are most effective when performed standing with as wide of a stance as possible. When squatting, it is important to do so as deeply as possible, therefore putting a high degree of stress on the thigh muscles. As you progress with these inner thigh exercises, begin using dumbbells to add resistance, slowly increasing the weight of the bells. Although these inner thigh exercises should be done at least three times weekly, be sure to alternate the days to maximize results. When performing these inner thigh exercises, it is advisable to wear a weight belt to protect your back.

Although there are thigh exercises which can be done at home, those who are serious will invest at least a few days each week in a gym. One of the most commonly performed of all inner exercises is machine adduction. Performing inner thigh movements on Adduction machines allows for the increase or decrease of weight, making it much easier to visualize results. These inner thigh exercises involve sitting on the machine, placing the machine’s leg pads widely apart. With adduction inner thigh exercises, place the pads against the inside of the thighs, squeeze the thighs together, release them to their original position, and then repeat the procedure. Perform 10 – 20 reps.

One of the most effective of all inner leg exercises is the “Sumo Deadlift”. This type of exercise benefits many areas of the body, inclusive of the muscles in the inner thigh. When deadlifting, for the purpose of inner leg exercises, you should first take a wide stance in front of the barbell. You should then squat, firmly grasp the weight, and keeping your back straight press through your heels and stand. The suggested reps for these inner thigh exercises is 4- 6.

Other inner thigh exercises include leg extensions and leg curls. Both of these types of inner thigh exercises are completed on specific types of machines. The leg machine, the equipment used for leg extension inner thigh exercises, involves sitting, extending the leg until it is straight, and then bringing the leg back to original position. These inner thigh exercises are performed in sets of 1-3, with 8-12 reps.

For leg curl inner thigh exercises, you should position yourself on your stomach. You should then wrap your legs around the bar, curl your legs upward and then back down again. Although these inner thigh exercises will involve weights, the amount will be less than that used for extensions. It is suggested you include 8–12 reps, 1-3 per set.