Make Yourself the Master of Your Mood-How to Get Rid of Depression


Recent worrying trends in the haphazard prescription of well known antidepressants have led increasing numbers of consumers to newer techniques inhow to get rid of depression. It’s not that SSRI’s and other well known “happy pills” are bad, per se – certainly not in the most severe cases and not when they are prescribed along with other therapies – it’s just that they are being thrown at patients as a cure-all far too often.

Becoming dependant on a pill to lift your mood is simply a way of controlling the symptoms you’re feeling, not the root cause. It might sound like a great idea to begin with, but in the long term, pills are surprisingly ineffective often leading patients into lifelong relationships with chemicals they cannot properly wean themselves away from without the help of a licensed professional. Quite apart from that, they have some pretty unwelcome side effects, ironically including an increased risk of suicidal thoughts, especially among younger people.

Strange that pills which are meant to answer the question “how to get rid of depression” actually, in some cases, make the problem worse, isn’t it?

They’re also pretty expensive, so for anyone with a lack of health insurance cover and not enough money, they’re immediately a no-no.

So, how to get rid of depression? Talking therapy is an excellent alternative to pills – and should certainly always be conducted in addition to any antidepressant regimen your doctor has prescribed.

In traditional psychotherapy and counselling, the root cause of the depression is treated, instead of simply the symptoms, so actually ridding yourself of depression permanently becomes an achievable feat. If you can’t afford to go to counselling, the next best thing is to talk with a trusted family member or friend about the way you’re feeling. If you can figure out why you feel the way you feel, you can tackle the issue and move on with your life in a more positive way.

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