Not Much Exercise, Tired


Omg!! I realized that I have not got much exercise in these past few days and I need to get that in order fast!! Yesterday I worked at from 4pm to 12am Yikes!! When I got home DH was still up and we were talking and did not go to sleep until 2am them 4 hours later our son woke up ready to play and I told him to just come into bed with us and go back to sleep. That’s bad, huh? I was just so tired. The today I got up and was trying to get the elliptical together so that when I get home from work I could exercise on it for the first time, but that did not happened either. I got home to eat dinner then played with our son and put more Christmas lights outside then it was time to get him ready for bed. Once I got Armie to bed and then DH and finished putting the elliptical together, Yey!!

So my plan in the morning is to hop on that baby and workout for 20 minutes and burn some calories, then when I return from work later I will lift hard working out my upper body and abs.

I tell you retail hours can really get to a person, but I will get over it for now. I am going to bed and get ready for another day. At least on Sunday night All of us at Sephora will be having a Sephora Christmas dinner at TGI Fridays and exchange gifts and that will be fun!!