Personal Trainers Get Results



There are – as the saying goes – many ways to skin a cat. Now who knows how that particular saying got its origin but there are definitely many approaches to losing weight. Often one of the biggest difficulties is deciding which of the many exercise and eating plans to follow.

1. Which diet approach is best?

There are high protein diets many suggesting the benefits of protein shakes and the value of egg whites and there are other diets that contain virtually no protein at all. There are also diets such as The South Beach Diet that was originally created for those at higher risk of developing heart disease but has been picked up and utilized as a useful weightloss program. The zone diet is another well established dietary plan.

With the vast number of diets on offer suggesting how to lose belly fat we could easily take on a different approach for every single day of the year!

2. What type of exercise is best?

From running the streets to taking part in group exercise classes like the massively popular Zumba, the options for exercise are many and varied. The benefits of swimming as a low impact option are well known and the effectiveness of running can be evidenced by the high numbers on treadmills in gyms at any given time of the day – and in many cases – night!

The impact of a fitness training Melbourne program on short and long-term weight management is becoming more widely accepted but knowing what particular program to undertake from the traditional 3 sets of each exercise to the wildly popular P90X is challenging.

This is where a Adelaide personal trainer comes in. Personal trainers will assess a clients needs as well as any limitations they may have with time, relative physicality and a number of other factors and create a complete program to meet their needs. When choosing a personal trainer, consider whether or not they have the best personal training certification possible.

A Trainer will help help you focus on the most important part of the puzzle – YOU!