Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike (Black)


We’ve employed the Schwinn Aerdyne AD4 inside our residence for about three years. I will start with an evaluation precise towards the AD6, right after which deliver some findings about how specifically it differs make up the AD4.


The AD6 arrived a “Shipping-proof” box. Perfectly-packed and safe. It really is quite heavy, of course, so be able to have enable brining it inside the dwelling. The AD6 showed up absolutely untouched. Not truly a single scratch or dinge on any elements with the bike. Each aspect have there been and basic to unpack. Congrats about the packing and shipping.


A truly simple once-person job (but observe that the guidelines recommend that a couple arrange it). It expected me about an hour from opening this region to presenting the bike. Every single component are clearly labeled “left: or “right”, you’ll find only a few screws, bolts, and washing machines that re sealed inside a labeled hardware card, and all sorts of required tools are supplied. Holes for bolts arranged completely. Schwinn clearly created quick setup crucial.

Kind Aspect And Search

The AD6 will effortlessly match within a 28″ by 52″ space. Compact and fits fine inside our somewhat smaller living area. It seems good, obtaining an expert black finish.


The AD6 is seriously a pleasure to produce use of. The fan is quiet (and may inflate any dust within the area), and it has exceptional resistance when using your arms and legs. Of course, when you boost speed, the wind truly blows all through as well as the AD6 becomes relatively blustery and noisy. However the truth that the wind does not hit you tough is seriously a big plus inside the AD4. For upper-body-only workout, you are able to place you ft on two stationary stems close for the fly wheel, or around the space driving. Resistance any time you are performing arms-only can be a small hard, however it delivers a superior a terrific exercise.

The explanation for 4 stars versus 5 may be the chair tends to make me seem like I’m falling forward. It really is adjustable nonetheless weren’t in a position to uncover the extremely greatest setting – -this is usually a person challenge versus a motorcycle flaw and i will update my rating essentially can uncover the acceptable position. I’d absolutely suggest this fitness bike.