Setting Goals Sets Targets


Setting goals is the first step for giving direction to your fitness or sports training program. Your weight training program will be carefully designed and integrated into your overall program to help you reach your specific goals.

Vision and Goals

You should have a vision of your future level of health and fitness–your dream about the new you that will inspire you. See Beginning Weightlifting
Your goals should crystallize the qualities you envision. Set goals using values and dates. You will have clear indicators that you have ultimately achieved your vision, or are making good progress toward that end.

Goals should be set with clear, concrete statements that, collectively, will make your vision, your reality. You should set both long-term and short-term training goals. Short-term goals are mile markers–checkpoints of your progress.
Goal statements should be: (a) Specific and (b) Realistic.

Specific means each goal is clearly stated in terms of outcomes that you expect. Each goal should be (a) directly measurable, and (i) state a time line or target date.

Realistic means that, given your current status, you could potentially achieve your fitness goals within the stated time line. Don’t make them too easy or too hard. They should be challenging, but achievable.

Goal Examples

You could also state goals in terms of your specific performance outcomes, rather than in terms of gains or losses.
Specific Outcomes Goals

For sports, also set goals for outcomes that you hope to achieve in competition. If you are a team sport player, these may goals go beyond the scope of your personal training and performance. For example, win the basketball conference championship, is not totally within your power along to achieve.

But you can identify personal goals that you can achieve as a player on a team, such as improving your free throw percentage in basketball or your batting average in softball.

You may have mistakenly over- or underestimated your current fitness status, and consequently set your goals too high or low.