The Art Of Walking


The Art of Walking and the Way of the Breath main goal, in these classes is to less stress in shoulder and tension in body through walking and using the breathing techniques and understanding how the mind works in directing energy in the body. It offers techniques (ways of doing things with the mind and body) and concepts (relationship in the mind, between ideas, thoughts and abstractions to manage a persons body tension and shoulder stress) that less tension in the body and give a person ways to deal and manage life conflicts. It offers an understanding of energy in the body and out side of the body that affect the everyday experiences of a person living life.

Understanding relationships between Mind, Body and Breath is the first part of using walking as a way changing one self by controlling body tension which lets a person feel more of there life experiences. For Walking is a human act that benefits a person in more ways, for time spent doing it, then any other activity. Walking is natural act for humans and by making Walking an Art will increase the benefits that can be enjoyed by the body and mind.

There are three parts that form a person; they are Mind Body and Breath. What each part form relationship to each other between the parts a person can create a game, which will create experiences. The first part to look at is the body and what it does in the Art of Walking. The body is the source of all energy (energy is three things, Spirit, Breath and Electrical energy or Chi, Ki) and its location is in the abnormal area of the body. The abnormal area is the “source” of energy and physical strength, which located in the center of the body or the core. Energy and physical strength should be directed out to three points on the body and they are feet, hands and head area. The goal of this Art of Walking is to direct energy and-or strength to the feet, hands and head areas of the body. Using walking and the breathing methods is a way of creating circulation of energy with the breath to brake up stress in shoulders and tension in the body and balancing energy between the three parts. Developing the circulation of energy through out the body by using the breath should be view as a game, played between all the parts. Using walking to balance and rebalance energy in the body is one of the goals and benefits of the Art of Walking.

The body receives two types of basic energy, one from earth, in the form of food and the different type of food have different energy affects in the body of a person, which affect a person experiences. The second type of energy to the body is connected to the Breath, which creates energy to keep a person alive. The act of creating a breath forms of energy, which makes and creates each person spirit. The two type of basic energy is the foundation for life, so how one plays with the energy affect the life experiences in every day living, ever so little most of the time.

The Mind and how the Art of Walking views it and use the different properties and functions of the mind. The mind has “two functions” and by understanding each a person can play between the two and make a game of it. The first function is to feel or sense and control the body either as it moves or stand still but it is told feeling of the body is one end of the continuum. The other end of the continuum is thinking, that forms symbolism, creates ideas with emotions and does abstracts liked math. The best term that reflexes this idea is “living in one’s head”. The rule is the more a person is into abstracts in the head the less they feel the body. Understanding how the mind works off of symbolism through language and creates words that evoke emotions gives a person ability to change their energy in the body and emotional reality. The one of the main rules in this Art, of energy management, is with the head and mind or mindfulness is “the mind or mindfulness directs all energy” from the body. The mind directs energy and uses and absorbs energy. The mind eats energy from the body in the form of abstraction that creates emotions. There are two types of emotions positive and negative and each type affect the physical state of the body.

What the mind, head or mindfulness doe, it looks for way to get energy from the body and the body creates pathway or chancels, which shape the body to provide energy to the mind. The shape of a body acts on energy flows through the body that affect the energy to the mind that creates emotions. Emotions basically are founded on some form of value structure that judges life experiences. The meaning of life is “experiences of the body” for the body will always experience something so long as there is life. For an individual, a person, the goal of life is to “create purpose” from the natural energy drives and channel the forces of different drive to create something that has value to them. One of the joys of life is to cultivate talent out of one self.

The mind takes symbols or objects, like a picture of someone carved object to forces their thoughts on, or music, and the mind place emotional value to them and are body acts out what is in are mind thoughts. There are no emotions with out energy, to hold them in the mind or in one head. To change one emotion is to change one body shape or look. At high emotional states the body takes on a shape to channel energy to keep an emotion state as long as possible. To change one’s life experience a person has to change symbols and language thoughts to positive one and have to reshape the body as will to provide energy to new ideas and language to support knew behavior, which will create new experiences in life. That is the way to stop providing energy to the old negative thoughts and behavior. As an adult with the able to exercise free will to create wisdom of life. The need for wisdom in human life creates joyfulness to express, contentment in the body and happiness in calmness in spirit. Finding good symbolism in life that promotes wisdom which will direct are energy to a higher level, so we can be greater then we where before. Having a feeling of doing something great then our self (or being selfless in our action) is nice feeling that helps others, as will as one self and experiences life an new. The reason to think about this is to less stress in shoulder and tension in body. With stress in the body, does not let a person feel or experience the body for it is a negative to life.


The BREATH, creating the Breath, knowing the breath in life is the hardest and the most difficult concept to deal with and work with. The very nature of breath is life, for it is each person spirit. For spirit and breath is one in the same in root. Breath, spirit and energy all are one but different. The word chi or ki is helpful in trying to have a working idea on what is the breath and most important thing how to work with it and gain all the benefits from knowing it. The breath is created by an act from the body that form chi or creates the energy out something else. Creating the breath in a person is an act of brings together something, to make a life force that was not there before. All human life hangs on the breath, for life begin with an inhale and will end with an exhale, for it creates the life cycle of bring in energy and letting out or giving back energy.

How to breathe in the Art of Walking and the way of the Breath? As a person walks they want to inhale fast, say two or three steps, hold the breath (energy) for two steps or longer, then give back breath slowly say six steps or much longer. The longer the better but strain or work to hard at it is no good. It should be done easily and naturally. At the end of the exhale there should be a pause for two steps or longer but never strain at breathing in this Art of Walking. There is four parts one is inhale fast, then whole breath (pause) and let breath out slowly while walking, next pause before inhaling again. The cycle of the breath or energy is used to move energy in the muscles of the body.