The Biggest Loser: Amy goes Home


Did you all see the biggest loser last night? What a show!! At first the teams were broken down to compete as individuals which I thought was a good idea because you don’t have anyone holding you down for elimination. The first challenge I was drooling over so bad. All I can say is DONUTS!! All different kinds!! My weakness are the donuts filled with chocolate buttercream frosting. Yummy!!! Anyway, the name of the game was to find the donut that was filled with a token worth $5,000.00, but the catch was that each player that wanted to participate had to eat a donut at each round in order to play. Just think each donut is approx 300 calories each. So, my thought was I would have to do a half hour running on the treadmil in order to burn off that donut. Good grief!! Everyone was in except for Kae. I commend her on her willpower and mind set. She thought it was not worth. To make a long story short Bill won the challenge and got the $5k. I sure wish I had $5k now, I would buy some equipment for my home gym and take my family on vacation to Disney world in Paris, France.

The next challenge was a triatholon and the winner of that challenge was able to fly back home for 24 hours, win immunity from the weigh in, and they were able to pick another player to win the same prize. it ends up that Hollie win and she choose Julie. Amy was steaming mad that she wasn’t chosen, but hey you can’t have everything. Oh yeah, speaking of Amy did you see what she was going to too with Kim, the red team’s trainer? She was going to turn in her red shirt back to kim! I thought that was so rude and like kim said a slip in the face to her ex team members. What do you think about that? The funny thing is at that B and her was at elimination. I was praying that they would not vote of B because he was such a team player, honest, and had good comerodery with the fellow cast. However, it ends up that Amy get sent home? How do you all feel about last night voting? I think Amy needed to go home. She was not happy there to begin with and she would always feel betrayed by someone on the show. Come on! My thought was plan the game and that’s it! Tell me your thoughts?

Well, I better run for now and see what my little man is up to and get my but movin.