Three Major Exercise Balls


Certain physio supplies are needed for fitness and strength. They may not be costly but the effects they have on your body and health are high. Exercise balls are popular form of physio supplies, which are now been used by every physical trainer. It gives full body workout to every part of your body and if you just have one in your home, you can do a lot of exercises and get benefited.

There are several sizes available in these balls. There are roll exercises that can be done with these balls very well and at the same time, you can do pushups and other exercises.

  1. Abdominal Roll: This is the most impactful exercise and it can reduce your abdominal fat. Here you need to lay flat on your back and bend the knees. Put the ball on your thighs and with the fingers move it to your knees. Do not get up; just lift your shoulder up. Repeat it for 12 to 15 times.
  2. Balanced push up: Place your hands on the ball and put your chest on it in such a way that your body makes a 45-degree angle with the floor. Now move your body up and down keeping your hands on the same place.
  3. Opposite Limb Extension: In this workout, you need to lie down straight on the exercise ball with your hand and feet balancing you. Now lift your right arm and left leg up and hold position for 3 seconds and repeat it will opposite limbs.

Exercise balls are fun to work with. It not only looks good but also feels good. It also gives more support to your body while working out.