To Cheat Weight Loss


Until now, if you wanted to use the Cheat Weight Loss method, you had to come into my gym and sign up as one of my clients.

As others started to hear the success of my Cheat Weight Loss program, my expertise has come into greater demand. It has now become physically impossible to handle any new clients.

I decided the best way to help the most people possible is to distribute my program using the internet. So in 2008 I decided to get the exact program I give my clients and compress it into a jam packed eBook filled with step-by-step information and no pointless filler.

Here’s just a little taste of some of the things you’ll discover in my new Cheat Weight Loss guide:

• Discover a breakthrough way of ‘dieting’ that is easier, far more effective and dare I say… ‘fun’
• Learn how your cravings can are an important message from your body and how ignoring them may be stopping you from losing the most weight
• Discover a special group of foods that will cause your body to burn 30% more calories, allowing you to eat 30% more
• Learn my simple 5 minute writing exercise to discover your emotional eating triggers and eliminate them for good
• Discover my list of over 47 ‘free’ foods that you can enjoy any time you want and never feel guilty. And no, it is not just vegetables
• Find out if you can drink alcohol and still lose fat at the same time
• Discover the critical – yet simple – plan you MUST follow, after you have finished any diet, to secure your new slim body for life
• Learn my controversial view on some of the hottest debated topics in dieting such as late-night eating and meal frequency – my view may shock you