Too Many Calories!! Modification Time


I am almost completed my 26 day challenge with a total fat loss of 3lbs thus far. It’s good but I could have done way better. I came to the conclusion that I was eating too many calories with my meal plan that I set. Well, the meal plan was fine, but when I substituted two of my meals during the day for my Muscle Milk protein shake I did not take into consideration the amount of calories I was drinking. Did you know that for the suggested serving of the muscle milk I was downing 640 calories? OMG! So if I was replacing two of my five meals with that I was consuming almost 1300 calories with the two shakes on top of the 3 meals I was eating totaling 2100 cals a days. Yikes ya’ll that is way too much for weight loss. I need to stay in the 1300-1500 calories range to loss weight/fat.So saying that i will be finding a protein shake with less calories. Then once I reach my desired weight of 150 I will got back to the Muscle Milk to build up muscle mass. So, I will be modifying my meal plans to stay with in the my target caloric range and keep the exercise routine as scheduled. Do you have any suggestions on lower calorie protein shakes? Please let me know. I will be out shopping in a bit with my son. Guess what I will be putting myself on another challenge for fat loss. It will be my Christmas challenge starting the day after Thanksgiving. It will be 32 days long and what I have learned from this challenge I will apply it so that I will reach my 155 goal by the new year!! Feel free to join me!! It will be fun to share our challenges and success together!!

I have lots of movement planned today I will be working out my upper body:

triceps, biceps, and lats

Then I will be meeting with my girlfriend because she wants to try the tae bo amped while our kids play together. So that will be a 30 minutes workout. Then I will be going for a jog later with another friend of mine. So, today I will be BURNING so FAT away!!!

Well i am off to run errands with my son. His 4th birthday party is this Saturday!! This boy loves some ninja turtles, lol. So , better sneak that in the truck while we are out.