Top Secret Fat Loss Secret


People in all countries across the world seem to have one thing in common, everybody wishes to get rid of fat or lose weight and trim down. In the USA however, you are more likely to see dieting advertisements and fat loss campaigns than any other country in the world. This is partly due to the immense amount of people in the United States that are considered obese. It was even recently published by the US Surgeon General that obesity is quickly becoming the number one cause of death in the United States of America, even more so than cancer caused by smoking!
With obesity being deemed an epidemic in America, people are starting to wake up! This has resulted in many articles and books being published on how people should go about losing weight and diet plans. Additionally, anti-obesity drugs and products have been developed that are supposed to help people get rid of fat. Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, author of “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” and creator of the website offers a unique solution that has been tried by many individuals and proven to be effective.

The website provides all information on why its solution can be considered to be so unique. It reveals popular methods that do not work and then specifically outlines the reasons why they don’t. Dr. Gudakunst focuses on the fact that despite the popularity of low fat foods, low calorie foods, and celebrity diet plans, more and more people seem to become overweight as the years go by. This proves that these methods about how to lose weight are, quite simply, incorrect.

For example, a popular fat loss belief is that, to get rid of fat, one need to reduce the intake of calories with a low calorie diet. Dr. Gudakunst disagrees and states that this may actually the worst thing you can do in your campaign to lose weight. Her contrarian stance is based on the fact that low calorie diets slow down the body’s ability to burn fat, and therefore these diets jeopardize one’s chances of losing weight.
Starving yourself does not work either as the body will only reduce its conversion of fat to make up of the shortage. The same goes for low carbohydrate diets also called low carb diets. When you have little carbohydrates in your system you have significantly less energy, the consequence being that you will be more miserable but not slimmer.

Some experts believe that not being able to get rid of fat is not because of will-power, over-eating or the right diet. In reality it is due to harmful plaque and parasites in your body, and therefore the problem is actually in the small and large intestine that includes your colon.

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst concurs with this opinion and argues that doctors, self-appointed diet gurus and fitness experts make a lot of money from products billed as ‘weight loss products’ when they actually don’t do anything at all for you. She sells her own Top Secret Fat Loss Secret packages online and expands on her beliefs that the problem will be found in the plaque and bacteria living in your body. She give you a comprehensive solution to how your overweight problem should be addressed.

There isn’t any risk to trying her methods, considering she gives you eight week, 100% money back guarantee, to allow you to test her product.