Vegan desserts: a healthy alternative or just plain junk?


There seems to be a misconception out there when it comes to vegan desserts. Many people assume that the term vegan equates to healthy. Not so. Vegan simply refers to a food that contains no animal products. That means no meat, cheese, milk, eggs, butter, mayonnaise, fish, etc. All of this is well and good and I love eating food that an animal has not had to die for, but I’m not under any delusion that the vegan cookies I love are good for me. They’re still cookies, chock full of sugar and white flour. It may be cruelty free junk food, but it is still junk.

Alas, many people think anything labeled vegan is their ticket to good health. One look at the vegan community will tell you that many vegans have gone the junk food vegan route, skipping the animal products, but loading up on food devoid of nutrients such as pasta and various other items that are prepared with a lot of white flour and sugar. You can usually spot these junk food vegans in a crowd because they look pasty white and emaciated.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is possible to follow a very nutritious vegan diet, but it does require some careful planning and it is advisable to supplement with vitamin B at the very least. I’ve met vegans who eat a diet filled with raw fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains and are the picture of health. I just cringe when I see people…especially young teenage girls amongst whom veganism is a current trend…denouncing all animal products and instead living on pasta, white rice, and vegan muffins and cookies. Following such a diet long term is a recipe for disaster guaranteed to result in nutritional deficiencies and various health problems.

If you want to indulge in junk food occasionally, go for it. I certainly do. If it’s vegan junk food, wonderful. The animals and environment thank you. But acknowledge it for what it is…pure junk.