What is transvaginal mesh?


FDA is abbreviated as Food and Drug Administrator and according to this organization surgical mesh or transvaginal mesh is a surgical device which is used to repair the damaged or weaken tissue of women’s vagina. The material is made of porous which is non absorbable or absorbable biological material or synthetic material. This mesh is normally used for repairing of pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence and urogynecologic procedures. It also used to support the weakened wall of vagina and also support the bladder neck or urethra for repairing stress urinary incontinence.

Uses of surgical mesh:

The mesh is implanted into vagina and is used for creating bladder sling or pelvic sling. Using of mesh and this purpose started from many years ago. Hernia repairing mesh is also created back many years ago but this type of mesh is not the similar type. This type of implants or surgery are increasing day by day so, there is an adverse effect of using this and a large number of report to FDA against mesh products. That’s why FDA issued a warning against the use of mesh. Now days mesh is extensively used and awareness has built for the women. As the FDA officials said there is a clear risk with the using of this type of mesh. FDA also asked the surgeons to take careful treatment options and make sure that patients are free from the complicacy of surgical mesh. As it is a permanent implant so the complete removal cannot be possible by surgery and results in more complications.

FDA reports:

Pelvic mesh or sling products are suffered from some serious complications. There are 4000 injuries caused by mesh products from the year 2005 to 2010 which is reported to FDA. There are different lawyers who hold the leadership role in the pelvic cases. There are hundreds number of clients in the transvaginal mesh lawsuit who have filed cases in federal and state courts. The reported complications are mostly caused by the numerous manufacturers of pelvic mesh. Now days this case are so much common. And if you have experienced the adverse effect of mesh side effects you can contact a lawyer.