HGH, the acronym for human growth hormone, is produced inside the pituitary gland and it controls tissue growth and organ maintenance. The pituitary gland is pea shaped and it is situated in the brain. The human growth hormone is produced in large amounts in the body from the pituitary gland.

However, as the body ages it slows down the release of this hormone. There are many supplement companies that have come up with a supplement that is known to boost the production of this hormone and yields many more results when used. It improves the skin tone and boosts energy.

However, it is very important for people with human growth hormone deficiency to get a prescription from a physician as this may help. Technology has played a major role in medical advancement and marketing too, since it is now possible to find the growth hormone supplement being sold online. It is important that you consider that you will need a prescription for human growth hormone. This means that you need to talk with a doctor when you experience the growth hormone deficiency symptoms such as joint pains, unexplained swelling of the leg or arm and muscle pain.

The human growth hormone is not regulated by the FDA; therefore it is paramount that you get a prescription from your doctor. The prescription gives you access to injectable human growth hormone or HGH supplements, which will safely and effectively correct imbalances in your body. With the prescription, order the growth hormone from online pharmacies. Your doctor can either call the prescription into the online pharmacy or you can opt to fax a copy of the prescription together with a copy of your insurance form. It is important that you call the insurance early on to ensure that they cover the medication.