Womens Fitness: Years Younger With Strength Training


Strength training can be beneficial to women of all ages, however if you’re 50 or older you may want to consider the added advantages that will improve your life in a profound way. Women by the age of 40 may lose a considerable amount of bone density and muscle mass, however women who had incorporated strength training into their routine had shown vast improvement. Strength training had even shown to improve their bone density and muscle mass by repairing them 15 to 20 years younger after only 1 year. Strength training was also shown to be slimming, even in women who did not diet, and were shown to lose 1 to 2 dress sizes or more. Because muscle weighs more than fat, your scale might not show the improvement, but you will certainly see the improvements, making it ideal for women who also want to get in shape.

Strength training is most effective with the use of leg and ankle weights, as well as hand weights, with increased weight added gradually. You can find the exercise these women preformed in the book Strong Women Stay Young. You can find other strength training tips here within our fitness articles section.

All women who participated in the study were all post-menopausal, and all improved their life in a variety of ways as a result of strength training. Some described being able to keep up with their grandchildren, some found it easier to partake in physical activities such as kayaking, rollerblading, swimming, etc.

Don’t forget these important tips when preforming your workout routine:
-Women using leg weights, avoid walking with them on. This may throw off your balance, and can cause injury if you were to trip or fall.
-Make sure to drink lots of water at intervals during your routine
-Do not eat directly before exercising, but do not exercise on an empty stomach. This could cause you to get sick, or light headed.
-Light your weights slowly, this will increase the work-out causing the muscles to work harder.
-Balanced nutrition and diet is also important, so make sure you’re eating a diet rich in proteins and minerals to get the most out of your workout.
-Remember to breathe!